column 51 Meeting a Luthier

"That crack in your guitar is really not a big deal, I guess it will take me 3 weeks to humidify the whole thing and then squeeze in little glue. Will cost you about 45 dollar." Gonzo was very positief about the 00016M that I bought in Austin Texas. I was so thrilled that I found myself a repairman that I immediatly started about a pick-up for the guitar. " I have got LR Baggs, I really like the stuff they make, it works with a pick-up and a microphone." , but let me know that had something even better. " Yeh, and then there is this really pro-system. It is called Highlander, used by guys like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. It is gonna cost you a little bit more, but you could go on in the Netherlands for awhile."
In Taos I had found out that my guitar had a crack. The heat and the drought of New Mexico has caused some big trouble in the top of the Martin. The sound was still good, but I had visions this guitar would not make it to the Netherlands this way. So sended a email to Stan, head of Mandolin Brothers in New York City and asked for advice. "Find yourself a repairman as quick as possible, but it will take a while because the guitar needs to be rehumidified." So I googled up "guitar repair Salt Lake City". This way I could drop the guitar see Utah and bits of California and then come back and pick up the guitar. We had spoken for more than three hours about: music, politics, traviling and Native Americans, when Bonny, a friend of Gonzo came in. " So Gonzo here is your dog, I have taken him for a walk." Gonzo replied with " Hi Bonny, thanks, by the way this is Jos my new friend from the Netherlands." I was thinking that goes quick in the US to be a friend, but it was clear that we got a long very well.. "So you play guitar." Bonny said. Gonzo could not resist to let his guitar stand in the corner of the room. "When are you going back." She said. "Well there is always an Open Mic here on a monday so I think we gonna move on tuesday." Gonzo said: "There is one on Tuesday at Mo's, downtown." So our conclusion was we leave on wednesday. "You can play at my house tomorrow and have some diner."
We had tried to buy a bottle of wine, but that is impossible. You can get the bottle, put it in your basket, but at the counter it was rejacked. We had to put the bottle back on the shelf. "On sunday you cannot buy alcohole in Utah here in we have politicians who wanna rule the lives of people who think different. The next day I stood at the Gonzo's shop because I found some extra information about the Highlander system. "Yeh, that D.I. box is really cool, it will do the job." So instead of 45 dollar I ended with a bill of 1800 dollar. And a order for a real Gonzo KOA Dreadnought, still under construction.
Anita responds was luckely we have more space in the Camper without the Martin