Logboek 17

This page will be dedicated to my great friend Tim Gonzalez,
better known around the world as GONZO
Gonzo Guitars

How we met is quit a story . and this will be about my adventures with the big man who learned me alot about guitars. In fact he is the reason I am building on now myself. The real spark came in the winter of 2005/2006 around new year when I helped him in the shop for 3 weeks.



Gonzo doing a bridge repair on a classic Aria


Me working on a Lion Parlor Guitar and a Ibanez ES similar to John Scofield


The Terence Project
Being such a friendly guy for people, Terence treats his guitars pretty agressif.

And it is nearly finished.


Get Nuts

And going nuts

An Artisian and a Artist

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And much more to come, like video's sounds and more repair.